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When you don’t have enough

Remember that song?

iStock_000004556055XSmall“Because little becomes much, when you place it in the Master’s hand.” It was called Ordinary People, and it came out when I was a kid.

It really doesn’t matter how much you have, God has called you to more. He has more for you to do, but before you can do it, like the little boy with the fish and loaves, you are going to have to hand it over to God. When you release what you have, your little becomes much. God multiplies it and creates more than you ever imagined.

What are you short on today?

  • Time?
  • Talent?
  • Patience?
  • Wisdom?
  • New ideas?
  • Clients?
  • Creativity?

Give what you do have to God. His ways aren’t our ways. Sometimes He multiplies our little by connecting us with others who have much in that area. Other times, He uses what we give him (areas of strength or weakness) to impact the world in ways we never thought of.

How do we give things to God? It seems such a nebulous thing. Maybe the boy with the lunch can show us how. You hand it over. You don’t try to multiply it yourself. What you were going to use for yourself, you give to God and wait for Him to show you how they fit into His design.

God gave you your strengths and weaknesses for a reason. You were designed with a purpose. God already knows how He wants to use your “little” to make a big difference. Will you let Him?

Need some encouragement? Here’s a video that might help:


  1. Thanks for the word of encouragement, Kim. It’s when I am weak that he is strong. Thant’s a wonderful thing to remember.

  2. Judy Bodmer

    10/06 at

    A good reminder of how God works in our lives. Sometimes it feels like we’re doing it ourselves. When we are weak he is strong.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I have experienced how God can multiply my fish and loaves when I give them to him. But I often forget to give them to him and try to multiply them myself and it doesn’t work. Thanks for the reminder. Beautifully done. May God bless you as you encourage leaders in the Lord’s work.

  4. Rosa

    10/06 at

    Kim, this is beautiful, and wonderfully true. your encouragment has come at a definite time of need. Thank you so much

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