Kim Martinez

As a speaker and teacher, I delight in helping people become engaged with scripture and hear what God is up to. I think God created you for a reason and your life – even with all it’s ups and downs – is His letter to those around you. Just by knowing God, you make a difference. 

Life isn’t always cut and dry when it comes to showing God to the people around us – our job is to get to know God so well that He shines through us. You will do more to introduce others to Him by loving the unlovely than you will by explaining that people need to know Him. When they see a difference in you, they will want to know the Source of the difference. 

Personally, I meet the world through analysis; for many years I thought this was an unfortunate coping mechanism. Strengthsfinder 2.0 tells me that my primary strengths are Learner, Strategic, Arranger, Futuristic and Activator. My gifts and strengths converge in the ability to capture, manage and disseminate information. As a thinker, I am fascinated with:

  • the application of faith in the workplace
  • how people receive information, and
  • the use of technology for communication and community building.

So what about you? I’d love to hear your story. You can email me here.KimMartinezSignature

Kim is an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, a ministry and development coach, teacher, writer, and speaker with over 20 years experience speaking to women and empowering families. She has written several bible studies including Wisdom for Living, which looks at Psalms and Proverbs and Walk Away from Fear. Kim also blogs here on and is an Operations Manager for a nonprofit organization.

Kim and her husband Wes have been married for 28 years and know the benefits of rolling with the waves of life together. They have four children, two who are independent adults, and two who live at home but drive themselves (woohoo!!!).

As a wife and mother, Kim understands that sometimes our reality and our hopes and dreams don’t seem to match. She helps people of all ages live the lives they were created for and connect with the power and passion of God. Kim’s focus is to empower people to be who God created them to be – and to make a difference in this world. With a background of family realness (seriously!), work in corporate settings, and as a staff pastor in a church, Kim brings real life illustrations to her teaching.

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