Your Ministry and Connection with God are unique.

Every person has a unique connection with God, and a unique purpose on earth. Below are some assessments that will help you understand your relationship with God and take a look at the talents and abilities that God has given to you. These gifts and talents are given to you to fulfill your role in life. God has gifted you in these ways, and wants to use you to share His love and nature with the world He has put you in.

The 5 Love Languages – Just like you hear and receive love from others through your love language, you also hear and receive God’s love through your love languages. Take a look at your love languages. Then consider how God speaks to you through those languages.

Spiritual Gifts Analysis – Church Growth Institute offers this Spiritual Gifts based ministry test. When you learn what your gifts are, then prayerfully consider how God might want to use those gifts to make a difference.

Spiritual Gift Test – This is a great resource for analyzing yourself and seeing the gifts that God has given you. It has long been one of my favorites.

Spiritual Assessment – Wondering what you need to work on next in your relationship with God? This pdf-version quiz will help you take a serious look at your spiritual life and where you are now. This will give you a starting place, and (by way of omission) a list of areas that you can work on.