Know Yourself Better!

You were put here on earth for a reason. Have you noticed that sometimes there is a complete disconnect from who you are to who you know in your heart that you should be? The first step in this process is for you to understand yourself. Below you will find links to different online assessments. Those that have a ‘hook’, I have indicated. It is well worth your time to get to know yourself. When you know your natural tendencies, you then have the ability to map where you want to be and discover the best path.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 is your best starting point. You buy the book, and then have a test code to take the online test. With the information from that test, you will be able to understand your strengths.

DISC Profile Really want to understand your DISC profile? You can purchase and take the test online today.

Gary Smalley Personality Test – This test is free, quick and easy. You will have a good idea of your personality type – note that your ‘type’ might change from place to place, so if you take the test with your work in mind, you will better understand how you operate at work, but it might not indicate how you operate at home. 

Free Myers Briggs This test has been available online for a very long time. It usually gets my primary Myers Briggs right, although those that are “borderline” change from test to test. Best part? Free.

The Big 5 This test looks at whether you are Social or Reserved; Limbic or Calm; Organized or Unstructured; Accommodating or Egocentric and Non-curious or Inquisitive.

Goz Lab This site is out of the University of Texas. They have developed three tests: The Ten Item Personality Measure; Short Test of Music Preferences and the Personal Living Space Cue Inventory.

Personality Tests for Fun This is a fun site with all sorts of personality tests. You can learn about your attachment style, there are also screenings for depression and anxiety, which everyone considering a serious change should take.

General Personality tests This is a great site by Personality Lab with several online tests.