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There is a part of me that is always making excuses. I’m not who I was created to be because…”I’m too fat”; “I have bills”; “I’m not detailed enough” or when all else fails, “maybe another day.”

The truth is that God is not surprised by our circumstances. He created us. He created you. He is well aware of your foibles and tendency to sin. That really doesn’t matter. God put you in your current location to make a real difference. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to become some different personality.

You are supposed to be the best “you” in your circumstances. The people around you need to hear from you – not the perfect you-that-might-someday-exist-inside-your-head; but the overweight, bill laden, often grouchy you. How do you deal with real life? How does God show up in your terrifically normal life? What has He told you this week? How does your faith in Him help you traverse those moments when you completely blow it? This is what people need to hear.

I’ve been reading Daniel recently. He is one of my favorite greats in the Bible. Daniel lived in a place that wasn’t his home. He served kings that at best tolerated God’s existence, and at worst put themselves in direct competition with Him. Daniel managed to serve God wholeheartedly without compromising his own humanness. He didn’t wait until the slaves were sent back to Jerusalem. He didn’t wait until he had it all together. In fact, he was honored by so many because he paved his path with intention. He sought God and served the king at the same time.

Do you work a 9-5 job? God has called you there. You are already making a difference because you have the Holy Spirit living in you, teaching, guiding and correcting you. Would you take a moment – take a deep breathe. As you exhale, thank God for believing in you just as you are?

Now, take a moment to realize that God really did place you in your business for a reason. Your job is simply to seek God and serve your customers/bosses/coworkers. God will do the rest.

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  1. Wonderful reminder. That’s what we’re hearing all around us, as people prepare for international service. God has prepared you for this. Go and be His “enough” by serving others.

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