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How to fix your thinking

Some days, thinking on good things seems impossible. In fact, it is so hard that the negative just bubbles right up and announces itself.

The Bible gives us these directions as to our thoughts:

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

What a great idea. We should celebrate the lovely. I think this is so fabulous…until that first hit of the day.

First, I wake up just a bit late, so I rush. I announce to the kids that we have to leave in 15 minutes, to be met with… silence. Silence?

Waking children, I rush to slather face cream and makeup on my wrinkles. Then to the kitchen to make lunch for me and whomever hasn’t arrived upstairs yet. Yes, we are late. In fact, I head out the door 10 minutes late, only to wait in the driveway another 10 minutes for all the kids to appear.  Think on what?

Oh yeah. Good things.

Let’s see…we are all here, I will still barely scoot in the door before work starts, and these next 10 minutes in the car can be yuck or great. I like great.

So… I decide – God is in charge of the universe, and He will order my day. I will take these few minutes to add value to the lives of my awesome kids. I will find something praiseworthy or admirable to discuss.

Some days, a decision won’t help me fix my thinking. On days like that, I use music to train my brain. Here is the song that has been going through my brain today.



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  1. So true. And a good reminder that God knew you would be late on this day, didn’t adjust the universe for you, and offered you his peace through remembering his ways. Trust his goodness parted the Red Sea (or the freeway, in our case). I loved and needed this. Blessings!

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