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This week has been great. I have had more energy, I am happier, and my house is clean.

I have discovered a secret:

Even I, have a need for people.

For the last three years I have been excessively isolated. I am an introvert, so this seemed like a good idea.

Besides, if they need me, they will find me.

Well, it turns out that the waves of life don’t stop just because your social life does. The good and the bad still keep coming. Since we believe what we hear, if no one is talking to me, I believe the waves of life. Turns out that most days no one is working to improve my outlook.

So, I’m learning, we need girlfriends. Friends who will share life with us. Friends who will point out when we have something green stuck between our teeth, yes, but ones that will also laugh hysterically with us when we realize that we were just talking to Mrs. O.C.D., and Mr. Green must have been waving wildly at her.

We also need to invest in the relationships we already have. This week, my husband has been on day shift, which means I get to see him. What a treat to walk through the mall together. (It helps that our anniversary is coming up and he has been listening all week to what I like :-))

Last, we need time with God – when I listen to God in a vacuum, I tend to warp what He says so that He agrees with me. Turns out, He doesn’t always agree with me. Sometimes He sees joy where I see sorrow, and sunshine where I see rain. I need to hear through the lens of others to get this renewed understanding of His voice. Christian music, good preaching, uplifting blogs and testimonials all help me hear God as He is.

Today, my house was cleaned from top to bottom. Why? Because I had girl time – hours on the phone with an old friend. I was able to listen, talk, share and clean – all at the same time. I am renewed, and we all know – when mommy’s happy, everybody’s happy.


  1. Nancy Malott

    05/11 at


  2. As the friend who was privileged to spend time with you via phone, I am so blessed I was able to help! It was very good for me too!

  3. Yes even introverts need girl time! Thank you for my much needed girl time last weekend!

  4. Kim

    04/11 at

    How about next Tues or Thurs? Soccer season is over Saturday (yeah!!!). I love watching the kids, but three nights a week and two games on Saturday is very time consuming.

  5. Debi

    04/11 at

    Oh Kim this is so true.
    It was great to read this. I short and busy week at work an play offs for Tyson in football the week is over an we did not get together T/Th ugh..I know your weekends are crazy busy ?? Do you have any time or even this afternoon after 3ish??? your kiddo’s are probably just getting home though let me know.

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