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What to do when you hit the wall

There is a wall that we all hit from time to time.

In fact, there are several walls, but there is one we never expect.

Here is how it creeps up on us:

We are driving down our nice little mental road. We can see the road ahead. It is beautiful, with an occasional gentle slope and sway. Along the edge of the road, there are trees, fences, and lovely quaint buildings.

As we contemplate our relaxing ride, and relax into our afternoon adventure, about 10 feet in front of our car a wall appears. Out of the edge of our eye, we can still see the gentle slope and sway, but in front of us, a wall. It comes up so fast that as we throw on the brakes, our car skids, slides and crumples into the wall.

Our relaxing ride has turned into an afternoon at the hospital, nursing our pain and bandaging our wounds.

I don’t know what your wall is – mine is often other people’s moods. I have plans for the day, I expect other people to play a part, and they…have other ideas.

I hit that wall. My plans go awry.

The first natural response to hitting any wall is pain. That pain often comes out in frustration or anger.

The trick lies in the ability to find a way around that wall to continue down the road.  Here is a clue: when a player gets up to bat, they don’t know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw. Instead, they have to keep their eye on the ball and focus. No matter what ball that pitcher throws, the batter’s job is to keep his eye on the ball and swing through.

Sometimes your expectations are like that ball. It might become a curve ball. If you are watching the pitcher to figure out his mood, and what decision he might make, you will lose track of the ball and strike out.

What are some of the ways you deal with the pain, frustration and anger? How do you get around the wall and keep going?


  1. When we hit the wall, there are 3 things we can do: stop to listen to God, backtrack and go a different direction, or literally climb the wall. Regardless of which option, coming up against the wall means it’s time for personal transformation.

    • Kim

      31/10 at

      Yeah – I’ve been thinking about that a lot. It seems that the waves of life, and walls in my path aren’t as debilitating when my focus is on God alone – not God and, but God alone. This requires a slow pace, and prayer first, not just prayer during.

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