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Are you mature?


One of the great delights in life is to find new things that God wants to show us.

I found a new online study bible (thanks to friends Thor and Sue Ryan). is a marvelous site, allowing instant access to original language and commentaries.

Since then, I’ve been studying Ephesians 4:9-16.

We start off with a word picture.  Christ, if he ascended, must have descended.  What?  The word picture is this – Christ, becoming human and returning to heaven – complete. Then humans, being tossed by the waves and blown by every wind, growing up, with the goal of being mature – complete like Christ.

In the middle, we find that Christ gave us some people to help with our development.  These people are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

These teachers are supposed to train us for works of ministry.

One of the results of maturity is that we won’t be sucked into teachings that are designed to pull people to an individual instead of point people to God. We will serve God’s agenda, and be able to see through deceptions.

Last,  as we work together, becoming mature and each doing the ministry Christ has called us to, we will become a unit, building together in love, lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down.


1.  Do you know what ministry Christ has gifted you for? What is it?

If you need help knowing yourself more, check out our “Know Yourself” resource page.

2. How does doing ministry help you become more like Christ?

3. How does it ‘sew’ the Body (Church) together when everyone does the jobs they are gifted for?

4. What evidence of spiritual maturity do you see in your life? Where is God still working?


  1. I just preached on this very passage last Sunday! You’ve hit it very well and I appreciate your insights. You’re right about the need to find ourselves “complete” and that God has placed us in the body to bring us to maturity in Him. God bless, and pray that all believers will in all things “grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.”

  2. Interestingly, I took the spiritual gifts quiz and found out I am write on track with where I feel the Lord leading me in my professional and personal life right now. I think for the first time in my life I am actually beginning to play to my gifts. How cool is that?!

    • Kim

      07/10 at

      Yeah! Rhoda, that is really exciting! It will be a lot of fun to see what God does in and through you. Did you ever read Experiencing God by Blackaby? His basic premise is that we need to find out what God is doing, and join Him in it. I think ‘playing to our gifts’ is similar.

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