Today I was convicted that sometimes I (okay, often) doubt God. I don’t mean to doubt Him – after all, I still think He is God, and He is in charge of the Universe – yet in the daily stuff of life, I forget just how almighty, powerful and good God is. Maybe you can relate.

This morning I was listening to the Bible (I’m using the One Year Chronological Bible on Audible this year).

The people were grumbling again and this time God said he would send them meat – so much meat that they would choke on it!

Doesn’t that sound like the absolute parent moment? Stop whining!

Moses’ response was amazing (and not in a good way). He (who had personally seen God part the sea; change Pharoah’s mind, etc) asked God how He could possibly get that much meat in the desert! Here is the important part:

The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short?” (Numbers 11:23)

Is the Lord’s arm too short!!! Indeed. No matter your circumstances, God is bigger. No matter your hopes and dreams – God’s arms are long enough! He will see you through and won’t leave you desolate. He won’t forget you on the back side of nowhere, and He won’t abandon you halfway to the goal He has placed on your heart. (Although Joseph shows us that the road to our dreams might be a little bit different than we anticipated.)

God is not small – He isn’t limited by space and time. He is big enough – He has gone before you and He will make sure you reach your destination. The Lord’s arms are not too short!