What is your one word for 2014?

There are those who set up New Year’s Resolutions. I pretty much fail at those by noon on January 1. Instead, a few years ago, I ran across the One Word concept. For me, it means that I ask God what the one word is that He wants to define my life by this year.

Last year, He gave me the word “Release”. By the end of the first week of January, I published on Kindle two of the books I’d already written. Then, I went through the house in April and weeded out the things I wasn’t using. In the final weeks of December, I went through jewelry boxes, books, dishes and clothes again, this time letting go of even more. 2013 truly was a year of releasing.

When I asked God for a word for 2014, He immediately answered. I decided that was too easy, so I kept asking…and He kept telling me the same word “Stability”. This morning, while talking to two people on my accountability team (and my closest friends), I mentioned the pipe dream of this year’s word. One friend challenged me.

“What does stability mean to you?” As a true coach, her question got to the heart of the matter. Just like “release” took on meanings that I hadn’t anticipated, “stability” is much broader and deeper than “sameness”. So, as 2014 unfolds, I will be contemplating how God applies this word to my life.

I love this tradition. It works like a spiritual discipline for me, asking God what He is up to, and then enjoying Him.

Have you considered your one word for 2014? What is it?