Hopefully, real revolution will come to your church this Sunday. This revolution could be a new, dynamic and lasting dependence on God. A need for change is often triggered by a catastrophic event, much like the show Revolution.

There is a reason so many of our movies and TV shows are set in the post-apocalyptic genre. As much as a third of your church this Sunday will relate in some way to the characters on the new show Revolution.

In recently years a huge portion of Americans have had large transition events. They might have lost a job, lost their retirement savings, had a health event, just to name a few.

When the world suddenly changes, it is hard to keep your head up and  face forward. The only way that I know how is:

  1. Really trust that God is in control.
  2. Hold things lightly. Instead of depending on things to give us security, we have to be willing to lean on God. (This is what “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” means.)
  3. Find someone else to help.

The people on Revolution have been devastated by the loss of electricity to their world. One woman carries around an IPhone (now useless) because the only pictures she has of her children are in the phone. The story is about how people use power and relationships to survive a cataclysmic event.

Not all catastrophes are world wide. Some take place in a hospital room, or a car accident, or a bank account.

There are people who will be in your church on Sunday who have experienced life’s devastation this week.

Will you structure your service so that they will hear again the choruses that bring them to Christ’s throne?

Will you offer altar time so that they can lay their lives again before the only One who doesn’t change?

Will you bring the Word of Hope and Purpose?

Monday will come soon enough. These people need to be reminded of what is real – that God loves them, has called them, and has a purpose through all of life’s events.


The people in this “Coming to Your Church This Sunday” series aren’t real – even those who are designed from television characters. They are a compilation of people we have known, read about, heard of and heard from throughout the years. Their purpose is to help church leaders get to know those in their congregation and those who might walk through the door. If you see yourself in them, you just have a lot in common with the rest of the human race.