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How to live your dreams

What are your dreams? Do you dream of having a house that is just right, a bank account that shouts stability, a body that will run a triathlon? Maybe your dream is more positional – do you dream of making a real difference in the world, attaining a certain level of responsibility, or having enough to give with impact?

The truth is that no matter your dreams, to some extent they are within your power. First you have to decide.

Most of us live dual lives. Our “someday” life in our head, and our “reality” life in the physical. The problem is that our dreams stay in the someday life and we never reach them.

Tony Robbins uses an illustration of life being a river. Instead of taking time to plan our destination, we just jump in and spend our lives avoiding devastating rocks. We never take time or energy to steer our path, so we end up going wherever the river takes us – even if it is Niagara Falls. Our limited vision, focused on today, completely misses the opportunities of life to take another path. We never decide to live toward our dreams.

Consider Joseph. If anyone had an excuse for not living his dream, Joseph did. At first glance it appears that he just jumped in the river and tried not to drown. However, a closer look at his story shows us important points:

Joseph used the strengths God gave him in every situation. Joseph turned bad situations into opportunities to strengthen his skills. Joseph attained his dream in part because he didn’t just let life float him along. He did what he could in every situation to be the person God had called him to be. God gifted him with the gifts of faith, dreams interpretation, administration (and probably the strengths of strategy & woo), and Joseph used those gifts and strengths in every situation, no matter how hopeless. He didn’t just worry about if today’s food would have worms in it, he got himself on the food distribution team.

Joseph’s dream (in part) showed him being the one in charge. In many ways, Joseph was living his dream from the time he was a kid – first his dad put him in charge to check up on his brothers; then Potiphar put him in charge of his house. Then the jailer put him in charge of the prisoners. Joseph lived his dream even when his circumstances weren’t ideal.

When it came time to stand before Pharaoh  Joseph was ready. He had been steering for this moment his whole life, ignoring the bumps along the way, and reaching for his dream.

I know your situation is probably tough. Your bank account isn’t what you hoped, your health could use a boost, your boss is cranky, or your family requires a lot of emotional energy – but God has gifted you and called you. He planted a dream in your heart.

What are you doing today to live your dreams?

If you were to do one thing this week to exercise your strengths, what would it be?


  1. Thanks Kim, I have followed you right back. Looking forward to learn from your blog too, great value here.

  2. Great post Kim!!
    Nothing will happen to a dream you do nothing about. Preparation is vital towards pursuing our dreams. We are never given a dream without being given the power to accomplish the dream. When God shows us a dream is because he wants us to have a glimpse of our future and anticipate that moment. To answer your question what am I doing to live my dreams? My dream is to help others be more, go further and reach higher than they thought possible. I am passionate about dreamers. You can follow me on twitter for more information on my upcoming book. “10 Essential principles for living the life of your dreams.”

    • Kim

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      Phinehas, found your twitter and followed – @PhinehasK for anyone else who might want it. Looking forward to your book.

  3. Rebecca

    10/10 at

    Excellent inspiration…thanks for sharing!

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