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How do you give 100% without losing yourself?

Skateboarder going all in

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While waiting at the doctor office today, my daughter and I looked through the People Magazine Olympic edition.

Have you ever really looked at sports photos? There is something amazing that happens. Winning athletes leave it all on the field. Meaning, they give everything they have.

Look at their faces. Every muscle is pushing to the finish line – and they don’t care how they look.

You can’t keep two things in focus at once. If you worry about what other people are thinking, you aren’t focused on the goal. Divided attention will also divide your energy.

Giving 100% might look a little weird, but it is the way to accomplish important goals.

Is your goal important enough to give it everything you have?

Skateboarding is all about showmanship. The whole point is for people to see how cool you look. However, the skater has to focus on his/her art, not on the accolades. Focus, concentration and balance must be perfected to pull of the amazing stunts that leave us all gasping. In the midst of the stunt, the athlete must be 100% focused on the skill, and tune out the crowd.

What does this mean for the church? Do you have an undivided focus on Loving God and Loving Others? Are you willing to look a bit strange to leave it all on the field?

Please take a moment to let me know if I can be praying for you in this area.

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  1. Kim- the title of this post alone will stay with me for a long time. It’s a question I could post on my mirror while applying lipstick in the mornings!
    I want to “look a bit strange to leave it all on the field.” I don’t want to divide my energy on who I want to please. Thank you for the reminder!

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