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What do you expect from God?

What do you expect?

This morning, Wes and I were discussing scripture. Does it ever seem odd to you that the Jewish people were avidly looking for the Messiah, but when he showed up, the religious leaders, those best equipped to identify him, called him a blasphemer?

This brings to mind expectations. You see, the common folk expected the Messiah to free them from Roman rule. Religious leaders expected him to garner them more power.

Instead, Jesus brought power to the powerless. He was crucified by the Romans. He didn’t live up to their expectations.

Now imagine you are one of the people attending the triumphal entry. The Messiah has come! You will soon be free of Roman rule. Life will get better! However, just three days later you see the same man brought before you in chains – beaten and captive to the governor. Is it any wonder the crowd became disenchanted and angry? Is it any wonder they shouted “crucify him!”

In perfect hindsight, we know what they didn’t. We understand God’s greater plan. We see that God was working from the very beginning to bring about a new way of life that they couldn’t even imagine. We know the world where the temple curtain is torn in two.

What do you think is at work when your prayers seem to hit the ceiling? Do you think that the forces of evil are just so great that you can’t get through to God? Do you think God is mad and not talking to you? Do you think He is trying to teach you a lesson?

Do you ever want to scream at God – “You have it wrong! You were supposed to fix this!”

This we know – God makes all things work for the good of those who love Him. We may face disappointment, discouragement and loneliness. We may find no joy in the process, but God is at work. He will reward those who earnestly seek Him.

Darkness is for the night, but joy comes in the morning. (Is that a song or scripture?)

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  1. The actual quote is weeping is for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

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