Identity What would you say is your identity?

Joseph might have thought he was an administrator, and probably an attractor of problem people. His people saw a leader.

I suspect Peter thought of himself as a fisherman. Those around him saw someone who would go first, someone who asked the ‘dumb’ questions, a champion and a rock.

Our identity is formed by our history, our activity, and our character. The problem is that we see ourselves from the inside. We hold onto those rare moments that someone acts like a mirror and says something we didn’t expect. What if the reason they said something different is because they were wrong?

For Lent I’m reading Alicia Britt Chole’ 40 Days of Decrease. Each day she asks us to fast something. What if today we fasted having to fit in a box – anyone’s box. What if instead, we decided to walk in wonder and discover how God sees us. How would that change your identity?