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What will you risk?

Would you risk more if your view of God expanded and changed?

I woke up Sunday morning with the song below going through my head. So, all week, in my quiet moments, I’ve been contemplating – what does it mean to me that God is I AM? I know what it meant to the Israelites in slavery, or Elijah as he waited for a cloud, for Peter as he walked on the water, but what does I AM mean today – in my daily life?

It is easy to think of Jesus as the advocate for the underdog as in the first part of John 8, but in the rest of the chapter, he just made everyone uncomfortable (and angry). He told them that their focus was so much on being right that they were missing God.

He challenged them to risk – to trust – that there was more to God than they imagined.


When we think about “I AM” we think about God the Father – but as you contemplate I AM, think about God the Father, Jesus (your advocate with God and others) and the Holy Spirit (who will teach, guide and correct you along the way) – 3 in 1 – holding onto you.

Can you see all three, with lead ropes, anchoring you and keeping you safe while you live to your strengths and put everything on the line to fulfill the purpose God placed in you?

What will you risk?

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  1. Great post Kim! When we are God focused instead of self-focused we are definitely willing to risk more. I am willing to risk failure and the unknown. Thanks Kim!

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