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Looking for Normal?


lookingAre you hunting for normal?

What does normal look like? I saw a post recently where a reporter asked graphic artists from 25 different countries to edit her photo. The results were astounding.

Similarly, I find that I want to look “normal,” act “normal,” and lead a “normal” life. Yet, I find that “normal” is something just a bit better than me. A bit skinnier, a bit more confident, a bit more financially secure.

Then, there is the other side of normal. Normal can also be a pattern in my head. My “normal” commute, “normal” shopping routine, “normal” haircut. However, life changes. Normal is what I’ve experienced, but if I experience something new tomorrow, will that be strange or will it be a new normal?

Carol Kent, years ago, wrote a book called A New Kind of Normal, about her son’s conviction and the changes they went through. This title has been a soothing melody for me at times. Life changes – good or bad, it changes, and we find a New Kind of Normal. We might have extra in one season, and barely enough in another – both are normal.

Are you waiting for Normal to show up so you can do what you want to do?

Stop waiting. Today is your normal. Tomorrow will be a new normal. Live the life you want today.

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  1. Our expectations seem to have a lot to do with our viewpoint on “normal.” Good encouragement to live in the now and hope in God 🙂

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