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You can start your own mastermind group today

Mastermind groupImagine you had a group of people who listen intensely to what you have to say, then give you honest feedback and input.

Would you like to borrow 5 other brains to move to your next level immediately?

This last year, I’ve had the privilege of walking with a group of friends who are amazing. We meet once a month for two hours, and every month this is one of my highlights!

You can create your own mastermind group in 7 easy steps:

  1. List the six most amazing people you know.
  2. Ask those six people to join you on a 10 month (or 12 month) adventure
  3. Doodle these six people and ask them for the best two hours of their month. Our group meets one Saturday a month, sometimes the third Saturday, sometimes the last Saturday from 8-10am. Depending on your demographics, your group might want to meet on a weeknight, a Sunday afternoon, or at 6am on a weekday.
  4. Set all 10 dates on the calendar and send the invites to the group.
  5. If you use gmail, you can easily add a video call (google hangout) – or you can meet via Skype. Some mastermind groups meet in person, but I love the flexibility of meeting in my sweats before my family is awake.
  6. On the day of your first meeting, get online about five minutes ahead of time and resend the invite. (I usually also ping everyone sometime the week before.)
  7. Once your group is on line, here is a suggested format:
    • Open in prayer
    • Decide how many minutes each person will get
    • Designate a person to keep time.
    • Each person will get 15-20 minutes total – they introduce their topic, and then everyone gives them input and/or feedback.
    • Either pray for each person at the end of their time, or pray at the end of your time
    • End on time.

Last, you should always solicit feedback. What is working for people? What isn’t working. Feel free to modify your group as you go – you need consistency, but you also need to have the freedom to learn and grow as a group.

Do you have questions? Please take a moment to connect in the comments below.

Have you experience a mastermind group that worked differently? Would you take a moment to share your wisdom below?Looking for more resources?



  1. It has truely been an honor to participate.

  2. It’s been amazing. What can I say? Helpful and AMAZING. Thank you. Planning to replicate this when we move.

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