Lent starts Wednesday.

Lent is a season of the year where we prepare for Easter. Early Christians didn’t practice Lent. Instead, they held all-nighters to remember the time between Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Time and tradition lengthened this time of remembrance to the 40 days before Easter.

Today, Lent is a time where many people practice spiritual disciplines and make space for God.

Recently, a friend challenged me to consider what it means to make space for relationships. You see, I plan for relationships. I don’t do spontaneity well. I am challenged to create space for relationships instead of cramming relationships into my space. As I write this, I wonder – do I cram God-time into my space, or do I create space for God to show up?

What does it look like to make space for God?

What will you do during Lent to make space for God?