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Keepin’ it real

By Evan Courtney on Flikr

This morning, I just sat and listened to my heart talk to God.

I know. That sounds really odd. It had been quite a while since I’d just leveled with God, I found myself with an extra hour and decided to not try to accomplish anything. Instead, I spent the hour just letting my heart talk to God.

Our Sunday School class is pretty cool. It is a class for couples, and we just go through curriculum that will help us be better together. We recently had a series on communication. In that series, they talked about a “leveling session” – full disclosure, we missed that day, but the gist of a leveling session is that you “level” with one another.

Today, I had a leveling session with God. I investigated the corners of my heart and figured out what I’ve been thinking, feeling, fearing, hoping – and I laid it all out there.

The really cool part is that I know God listened.

Are you going so fast that you only take care of business with God? Have you investigated what your hopes, fears, expectations and disappointments are? Have you talked about these to God?

Relationships require honesty and work. Even our relationship with God. Our honesty isn’t a surprise to Him – He knows our hearts long before we do – but if we aren’t keeping it real with Him, then we are not having a relationship with Him. We need to level with God for our own sakes – because when we hide behind the veil of technology, business, responsibility, should’a, could’a, would’a – we don’t let anyone in. When we let God in to the deep parts of us, we invite Him to engage with us and change us to be more like Him.

How do you keep it real with God?

David was real on a regular basis. He prayed amazingly unloving prayers – and God listened. No lightening bolts hit him. In fact, God cheered him on. He delighted in the realness of their relationship.

God won’t be appalled at your thoughts and feelings. He’d love to hear what is not just on your mind, but what is on your heart.


  1. Great thoughts, Kim. I keep it real by showing up with God, sharing my heart, reading the Word and letting God reveal truth to me. Not head truth but truth about my life, my condition. And I share honestly with God. Often I’ll journal the interaction and then take the dogs for a walk to really talk it out with God—both listening and speaking. Like you pointed out, relationships take work and time. I think our relationship with God takes extra time because he is so beyond us yet he is right here with us. Jesus is our friend and God is our Abba. His Spirit lives within us if we belong to him. How can that not totally blow our minds and warm our hearts…all at the same time. It’s good we have an eternity to get to know God! 🙂

    • Kim

      27/06 at

      You are so right. Henriet…so beyond us, but do near.

  2. Wonderful post. Hits the high spots. One of my favorite books right now is Anne Lamott’s “Help, Thanks, Wow, the Three Essential Prayers.” God knows who you are and what is in your heart. Leveling with Him is the way to go. Thanks for your thoughtful commentary.

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