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New Advantage coverAlmost six years ago, I drew a diagram on a napkin. I proposed that we look at the church in a new way – a way that would make sense and allow every member to live up to their full potential – not only inside the church, but in their every day world.

You might have noticed that a lot of people have trouble integrating their M-F life with their Kingdom life. It is like they are living on two different streams, jumping back and forth.  I think this is because we have created church paradigms and mental models that encourage this kind of dual thinking. Therefore, I developed a new model that will not only help the church complete her mission, but will also help every individual live out the life they were created to have.

Through the years, I’ve shared this model with a few people. Then, last Spring I decided to write it down. Many drafts later, we have an ebook that will give you a new mental model to help the people in your church live the integrated, fulfilled, whole lives of a disciple – in every part of their lives.

This book is now available on Amazon, and for today only, it is free. I’d love to get this into the hands of you and your pastoral staff. Feel free to pass it along.



  1. I’m proud of you, friend! I got the book last night and found it really good. I’m excited about where this might take you.

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