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How do you deal with fear?

We all face fear at different times of our lives. In fact, there are many different types of fear – here are a few:

  • Real fear – like when you get a cancer diagnosis
  • Unreal fear – like fish…just saying
  • Conscious fear – like the blood pumping kind you get when you almost got in an accident
  • Unconscious fear – that niggling feeling in the back of your head that tells you something is off.

The trick is knowing what to do with your fear.

Fear can give you the power you need to overcome huge obstacles – or it can freeze you so deeply you can’t move (mentally or physically).

Interestingly, sometimes our fear blocks us from seeing possible solutions. Our mind will even find things to obsess over in order to avoid addressing unconscious fear.

It is important to address our fears and deal with them. If we run from them, or avoid them, we can actually cause our brain to block forward movement.

Here are some simple exercises to help you address your fears.

Journal – write out your process.

Pray – find out what God’s perspective is. We see things very linearly, whereas God has a view from outside time. Let God’s Spirit speak to your heart and show you what He sees.

Make lists – this helps the logical part of your brain organize your thoughts and prioritize.

Face your fear – literally take time to think about what is dogging you. Run it through your head like a movie and ask yourself – “What is the worst that can happen?” It seems this shouldn’t work, but truthfully, a lot of our fear is because we are afraid to answer that question.

Redirect your thoughts – think about what is possible. Make a conscious effort to focus on the positive. This will help in many ways, primarily it changes your brain chemistry.

Exercise – fear activates your adrenal response. If you do nothing with all that extra adrenaline, it causes problems. Take time to exercise – it will work out the adrenal response and it will improve the balance of your brain chemicals.

Whether your fear is real, unreal, conscious or unconscious, you can still win in this situation by facing your fear, finding God’s perspective, choosing to find solutions, and re-channel your brain and body’s energy into positive channels.

People are depending on you to make good decisions, even in the face of adversity. Fear doesn’t have to debilitate or control you. You can move forward and make the best decision in every situation.

What sort of fears are debilitating to you?

What can you do today to overcome these fears?

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  1. The way I deal with fear is by picturing my fear as a 2 or 3 year old child who is holding my hand and then asking myself: Do I want the fear/child out in front deciding where I will go and what I will do OR, do I want the rational adult me out in front deciding where I will go and what I will do, taking the fear along with me but not letting it make decisions. As I have said to myself and others countless times – if I wait till I’m not afraid to do something I’m afraid to do, I’ll never do it. Rather, I choose (as Joyce Meyer says) to do it afraid.

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