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What is Christian Leadership?

Sometimes we confuse Christian leadership with church leadership.

You don’t have to be in the church to be a Christian leader. You don’t even have to be doing a sanctioned ministry to be a Christian leader.

A Christian leader sees people the way that God sees them, understands how their talents and strengths weave together for a greater work, and then helps the individuals walk in that vision.

You can be a Christian leader in your home, neighborhood, work, volunteer position, community, gym, coffee house…and oh yeah – the church.

Here are a few things that will help you as a Christian leader:

1. Know your team. Most people have not reached a point of authenticity, so they present to the world the side of themselves that they think others want to see. Who they really are is hiding below. Take a few moments to get to know your team as individuals.

2. Look for strengths. We used to think of leadership as fixing problems. Christian leadership is about figuring out what God is up to and joining Him in it. He put your team together – even those that don’t know Him yet. What is the dynamic He created? How do their strengths, natural abilities and personalities fit together.

As a Christian, you get to be part of God’s creative process. He is busy showing Himself to a world that doesn’t know Him. Part of that is in helping people see how God created them. The world, most bosses and most family systems are busy telling us what we have done wrong. You get to not only show people what is right about them, but how they fit in the world at large.

3. Celebrate. Part of the Christian walk is Sabbath. This is where we rest, realize God really is in charge of the universe, and celebrate accomplishments. The idea of rest and reflection has been part of the rhythm that God set up for us from the beginning of time. Even people that don’t know Him inherently feel the rightness of taking time to rest, relax and reflect. Take time to celebrate accomplishments with your team.

You were called to the position God has you in to be His representative in a world that doesn’t know Him. The people you lead need you to show them what God is up to. No matter your industry, it will effect your bottom line, and connect people to what God is creating today.


  1. Two books that have helped me tremendously in my development and growth as a Christian leader are Spiritual Leadership by Henry & Richard Blackaby, and Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels. Great reads for anyone who wants to be the best leader he or she can possibly be.

    • Kim

      08/10 at

      Mary – thank you. I’ll look up those books. Always looking for new input.

  2. Great post – we share the same vision for building up Christian leaders and sending encouragement that you don’t HAVE to have a “ministry position” or be in “vocational ministry” in order to lead and disciple. Thanks for sharing!

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