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Get 80% of your people involved in ministry

How to recruit volunteersDo you need help? If not, then you must be a fantastic recruiter, because every person in ministry has more on their plate than they can handle.

God did this on purpose. When we pull people in to work alongside us, we provide them with a way to connect. How do you get people to add their time and energy to what God has called you to? I have always believed that 80% of the people in my groups need to be involved in ministry. Sound impossible? Here is how I do it:

  1. Redefine ministry. Yep, I cheat. I believe that giving of ourselves doesn’t have to be huge. If someone brings cookies to bible study, she is ministering to the other women in the group. If I can get a guy to make sure the pews have pens in them, I have added a laborer to the Kingdom. I have been known to recruit: table leaders, table supporters, greeters, table setters, prayer warriors, decorators, bathroom reviewers (making sure things are tidied), vacuumers, and goodbye greeters just to name a few. The reason I think this is important is that one of the five love languages is acts of service. Some of the people in your group will not feel God’s love until they are given the opportunity to serve.
  2. Listen. Listen to the people in your ministry and find out what their passions are. Their passions are part of God’s purpose for your group. If you can tie their passion to God’s purpose, you will not only find recruitment easy, but you will see God opening doors you hadn’t seen before.
  3. Be specific. Know what the job description is that you are recruiting for.
  4. Pray. God will lay on your heart a face, a name, a memory, showing you who has the skills you need.
  5. Praise (yes, God, but in this instance, I mean praise the person you are about to recruit.) Tell him why you think he would be great.
  6. Ask. Remember, you have already prayed and God laid this person on your heart. You are giving her an opportunity, not asking her to do you a favor. Ask her to take on the role you have specifically designed.
  7. Encourage. Once he has said ‘yes’, don’t let him get buyers remorse. I don’t know about guys, but most of us women walk away from a great opportunity and hit the onslaught of our own self esteem issues. Get in contact soon after the “yes” to remind her why you think she is great for this job.
  8. Train, Equip and Mentor. Recruitment is only the first stage. Once you’ve recruited your team members, you want to make sure they have the tools in their belt to do the ministry God called them to. Take every opportunity to show people what they are doing right, and put tools in their belt for the obstacles that are ahead.

God has put you in a great group of people, and He has given those people a purpose. Your job is to help those people work together to fulfill the purpose.

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