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Margaret will show up in your church on Sunday. She is probably on several committees, and the first to sign up for your event team; but she is hurting.

In the last few years, Margaret’s life has changed. Her husband’s career is at its peak. He works long hours, and unlike the Cialis commercial, life is not a bathtub-at-sunset experience.

Last year, Margaret pulled away from all her friends for a while. You see, her daughter, who was raised in church, returned to rehab again, and then fell off the wagon…again.

Margaret loves her daughter. She doesn’t quite know how to reconcile her love for her daughter and her relationships in church. She is afraid of judgement, and afraid it might be her fault. She fears for her daughter’s future, and deep down, she is angry.

Over the last few years, Margaret has had an increasing burden as she watches her mom slowly begin to sink into dementia. Recently, the family has realized something has to be done, and they are looking at alternative care options. Margaret wants to make the right choice. The whole transition is so overwhelming that no “right choice” seems to exist.

Through all this, Margaret is searching for God. She continues to read her Bible every morning, and is active in Community Bible Study on Thursdays. She needs to know that God doesn’t just look for perfect people.

Can you show her that God loves her kids more than she possibly could? That He won’t leave them?

Can you show her that God is not surprised by her mother’s situation, and that He has an answer, and will provide in every way?

Can you assure her that God cares even about the bathtub-at-sunset moments in her life, and that she can take ALL of her needs to Him for provision?


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