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Is God calling you to take a leap of faith?

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The moment of truth, someone needs to step up to the plate – and you wait. Will someone else step up? Why not you?

Then your mind goes into full throttle. What are your chances of making it happen? Will people follow you? Will they see your insecurities? Why not you?

Then the perfect person for the job comes to mind. Sam has just the right temperament. He should go for it!

There are times that God gives us opportunities – not directives, but opportunities. Do you step through the door, or do you hold back?

Why not you?

You have the education and experience, yet for some of us, it is easier to find someone else to fill the role than to step up to the plate ourselves.

No matter how gifted you are, you will always be able to think of someone else who could fill the job. But God put the door in front of you. It really is your door to walk through.

Sometimes the bridges don’t magically appear. Like the fish in the picture above, God just moves the bowl close, but it is up to you to jump. Think about the Israelites, going into Canaan. God didn’t move them. They had to step out. He told them He would be with them, but He gave them work to do.

Is God calling you to take a leap of faith? Today, be encouraged. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “Why not me?”



  1. Bonnie Crain

    08/08 at

    Yes, this is so true. And I definitely receive this. In fact the Lord has been speaking to my heart about this “moment of truth” just recently. Sometimes we limit ourselves and miss out on opportunities and God’s best for our life, because of fear. Fear that somehow we won’t measure up, fear of failure, fear of success, even though we have the education, experience, gifts and skill sets to get the job done. God is waiting for us to take that leap of faith and work through the door, and they’re not always small doors, sometimes they’re BIG doors! Thank you for this post, this is right on target for me.

  2. Trish Hurley

    07/08 at

    Wow, I’ll remember that, thanks!

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