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What if You Gave, and Didn’t Receive?

building community“The church has cornered the market on building community. Can you teach me to do that?”

I sat at lunch with our Neighborhood Association President – I was floored at her request. The thoughts tumbled through my brain.

  • We have cornered the market?
  • Is she looking for skills, or for a relationship with God?
  • What do I say?

What would you say? Better yet, do the Unbelievers in your neighborhood know that you build community?

What if God hasn’t just called you to build an organization, but to open the opportunities for community – to engage the disenfranchised and help them become part of something greater?

Would you be doing your job if they never accepted Jesus, but found a place of belonging within the neighborhood?

Would you be willing to dedicate a percentage of your time to engaging people in your community – even if your church didn’t grow?

I think that until we are able to give without expecting, we are in danger of building institutions and blocking  God’s power from flowing through us to a world that is looking for engagement, meaning and acceptance.


  1. What a valuable opportunity! Look at Jesus. Much of what he did was outside the walls of the synagogue and the temple. In all the gospels, he is never quoted as saying, “Come with me to the synagogue!” But still – in building relationships with people – he was welcome to be who he was and reveal God to his friends and listeners. When we love people – really, really love them – they’ll follow us around.

    • Kim

      05/07 at

      Excellent! “When we love people – really, really love them – they’ll follow us around.” Thanks Bob. You are so right – I wonder if we lose our focus and look for followers instead of letting God do His part, and focusing on loving people.

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