car show car It is summer time, and you wonder – should you create an event for your community? It is just a bunch of hoopla, or will it have lasting impact?

You need to spend time investing in your community. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Gracefulness. “Put your feet and your face in the same direction.” When the kids were young, I said this sentence at least once a week. We have a plethora of clumsiness in our household, but most of the injuries coming from doing one thing with your mind, and another with your feet. If you are like most churches, you spend at least part of every year helping your congregation see people the way that God does. When you put your energy into just being with your community, you put your energy and your actions in the same direction. Since most lessons are more caught than taught, you will be teaching through your actions what you want the people in your congregation to do in their neighborhoods.

2. Make new friends and keep the old. A community event will help you and your congregation to get to know the people in your community. It will also be an opportunity for unadulterated giving. Do you ever get sick of waiting for the payoff when you give? This is an opportunity to give without expecting “return”. There are business owners in your community that could really use the opportunity to show off their business and be an integral part of your community. How many businesses can you pull together to celebrate the people in your neighborhood?

3. New pastoral opportunities . God called you to pastor – did He just call you to pastor the few hundred in your congregation, or did he call you to pastor a community? How can you pastor people when you have never met them? Take this opportunity to meet people, get to know them collectively and individually. You are laying the foundation for when people need someone to listen.