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Do You Ever Think About Your Baptism?

I was talking to my friend Jen Roach the other day, and she said the most interesting thing.

Jen is an Anglican pastor. We were talking about communion. She said:

“Of course, we would never be able to take communion without thinking of our baptism.” (that might not be a direct quote, but it is close.)

I was shocked. I never think about my baptism…at least I didn’t until that conversation. So I asked for more details.

This is what Jen explained:

Baptism is a moment-by-moment thing. We die to self and arise in Christ’s power to be the people He has called us to be. Being the people we were called to be happens when we are empowered by God, and the only way we can do that is to die to sin and self – moment by moment.

So. What areas do you need to consider your baptism in today? Where do you need God’s intervention and provision? You have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. Part of listening to the Holy Spirit, and receiving the empowerment He gives is choosing not to listen to the harrowing cries of self.


  1. Jennifer

    15/06 at

    Yesss….Baptism is the rhythm of our discipleship.

    • Kim

      15/06 at

      Thanks Jen – I appreciate your input. What do you mean the “rhythm”?

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