woman praying in churchDay after day, she goes to work. She has to work to pay the bills, and besides, that is what people do – they go to work.

On Monday, she arrives to work, somewhat groggy, but determined to meet the day. Her teammate was apparently partying all weekend, so now she is on her own. Last week, her division downsized ten people, so she is doing the job of four people today. Then the phone calls.

Customer number one cannot find the account number on the form, and can’t remember their identifying information. After 10 minutes of explanation and investigation, she finally resolves the situation. Customer number two is angry, and heaps two weeks of frustration on our hassled worker. The boss comes around at 11am and asks for overtime. Dinner will be late tonight.

At 2pm, the school calls. Jr. was in a fight again, and the principal wants a meeting. Customer number 15 is in a room with screaming kids and bursts into tears while trying to resolve an issue. Meanwhile, our heroine’s boss overhears the conversation and tells our overworked wonder to hang up on the ‘bag’.

Tuesday morning she has a bit less energy, and even more stress. Wednesday, she can barely remember her name, let alone that she is supposed to love people. Her bible study group helps for a few hours, but by noon on Thursday, the office stress has taken over and she is well on her way to isolation.

Pastor, this woman is coming to your church on Sunday. She knows she is supposed to love other people, but she has no idea how to make that happen. She can’t figure out how to set boundaries on her emotional energy and love people at the same time. She can’t figure out how to please her boss and Jesus at the same time. She can’t quit her job. She needs it, and she thinks God put her there.

How can you help her make sense of the life God has called her to? Can you show her the power that is hers in Christ? Can you show her how to let God work through her to make a difference in a world that is so overwhelmingly negative?

She is desperate to know, and if you don’t have answers, she might just catch up on sleep next week. Please show her who God is and how He is actually using her in what seems like an avalanche devastation. Help her really touch the hem of God’s garment, and begin to see herself and others the way that God does.