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How to Determine Your Calling – an interview with Krista Dunk

This winter, I went on an adventure. I decided to meet with women in ministry in the Puget Sound area.

One day, I got to sit with Krista Dunk. As I listened to Krista’s story, a marvelous outline arose.

Krista has an amazing story. She is  a wife and mom of two. She has interpreted sign language in the school system, currently interprets for church services and she helps women find their calling and pursue it. Whether you are trying to find your place, a woman in business, trying to serve God in your workplace, or looking for new ways to connect with God, Krista has developed a ministry just for you.

Here’s what I learned from Krista about how to determine your calling:

1. Pray – align your brain with God. Calling comes from God. Get to know Him and align your self image with His perspective. He is the one who gifts you and calls you. He made you for a reason, and you will find it only by talking to Him.

2. Make new connections. Krista’s personal passion is Worship with Sign language. She discovered this personal calling when she stepped out of her comfort zone and began to sing with the church choir. Today, she teaches workshops and helps kinesthetic people connect with God in a whole new way.

3. Develop new skills. Krista is a learner, which means she continues to learn and grow. Her ministry to women continues to grow as she pursues new technology and communication tools. Her worship ministry grows as she discovers new ways to connect people to God. Krista continues to grow personally, and her ministry is expanding.

4. Look for holes that need to be filled. One thing that Krista noticed as she looked for holes to be filled was that many gifted women in the church don’t know how they fit. She developed Step Out and Take Your Place and the Koinonia Business Women’s Organization to meet women where they are at and help them follow God’s calling.

Do you feel like you are living up to your calling? What have you done recently to help find out what God has called you to?

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  1. Thank you for writing up this article Kim, and for our fun meeting! Blessings to you

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