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How do you start a movement?

Take a moment and watch this great video.

Are you a shirtless dancer, a first follower, a second follower, or one of the crowd?


  1. Jeanine

    02/05 at

    Yes, very insightful! I’m impressed that the 2nd follower was the one who actually inspired the others to join in!

    Yes, this is an example of Leadership, but it also illustrates that we should be very careful to think-through what we are leading others into! Let’s put our energies into avenues that bring glory to God, and help others!

  2. Simple but insightful! A leader is no leader unless there are followers. It’s so true that the first follower makes the leader a leader. And it’s true that in the end, it’s not about the leader!

    Theresa Froehlich

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