So, if we focus on the ministry of the individual, then why do we need church? If our focus is on helping each person be the person God created them to be in the life they are already living, then why do we need Sunday morning church? Would it be possible to accomplish our goal through a coaching network?

From the earliest time, people who followed Jesus met regularly, in groups, for fellowship and encouragement. In these gatherings, we find strength. In fact, when we gather together as a group, we find that we are more than the sum of our parts – we are the body of Christ.

Being part of a congregation is vital – not only to our growth as individuals, but to our relationship with Christ.

Consider this chart:

Purposes of the Church Love Languages
Worship Words of Affirmation
Fellowship Touch
Discipleship Quality Time
Evangelism Gifts
Ministry Acts of Service

Humans have five love languages (and yes, this is a generalization, but theories are built on the preponderance of the evidence). We don’t each have just one, but we tend to have 2 or 3 – one for those who are closest to us, one that is our over-arching way of feeling loved, and one that hangs around sometimes.  Even in our relationship with God, we tend to feel His love through one or more of our primary love languages.

When the church is balanced and working right, people connect with God and hear His message of love better.