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Quiet Moments of the Day

In the quiet moments of your day, do you long to make a difference?

My last two weeks were delightful.

There are vacations where you restore, and others where you get yourself wrapped up in God’s agenda. We spent this time enjoying one another, but saw God pull us into others lives to help them through some rough patches.

I discovered something important – my gift is to be able to take the energies and talents of others and focus them to create something new.

I also basked in the balance of family. Our family just popped back into shape when Caitlyn came home. Our balance returned, and we had two weeks of bliss.

This year, we enjoyed an unhurried pace. I planned to decorate the house/tree the Saturday night or Sunday that Caitlyn came home. Instead, we did a bit on Sunday, a bit on Monday, and finally decorated the tree on Tuesday or Wednesday. The kids sat still as we shared the stories of who God is and who He has been to us. Just as the Children of Israel remembered God’s character through the stories of their ancestors, we remembered God’s character – that He provides, He heals, and He sends us people to walk with us. We remembered that even when things are at their hardest, God is unchanging and dependable.

We then had the joy of traveling with teens on a trip to Oregon. Unlike the crazy life of traveling with young children, we managed six hours in the car, maybe two potty breaks and silence…golden silence the whole way. Time with my parents was fun, and Ashley loved the opportunity to swim at the hotel while Caitlyn watched on and did lots of homework.

Throughout the weeks, we enjoyed lots of movies. My only regret is that season 2 of Sherlock is only opening in England tonight – I look forward to it showing up here. Andrew and Erin make movie watching fun, flexing their humor when the action gets dull.

When I woke up this morning, I took a few moments to look back, and thought a bit of the future. Wes and I talked about the importance of knowing who you are. Then, this afternoon, I started a new book that reminds me of the use of my gifting.

Some time ago, a mentor suggested that I ‘find something to do, and do it’. I find instead that I need to find people who are ready to see change, and help them make a difference. It is my prayer that I don’t find myself at this point of agony again at the end of 2012, but instead get a glimpse of what God is doing next.

What did your quiet moments this week show you?

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  1. Oh wow, Kim. This post is an encouragement to relish seasons of simplicity.

    Your aha is huge, and I can certainly confirm that ministry calling in you. So glad you had a good holiday. Without the stresses of caring for others this season, God gave you time to care for each other.

    We’ve likewise had a quiet Christmas. Most nights I worked until 9 or 10 on school papers, but I took Christmas Eve/Day, NYDay to enjoy company and food. The tree came down after lunch yesterday. We had eight decorations (total) on it by the time the season was over, and the guys packed up the lights to give away, since we’re going to do LEDs next year. (Anyone want 10 strings of white, 1-2 of colored?) So, pressure off, I rearranged the living room to feel fresh in the new year.

    My life is filled with words and writing, so I am delighted to see that you are pursuing your strong gift of writing. God bless and keep you and the others who read and write here.

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