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Do you believe God?

A quick review of the first few chapters in Luke show us that we all respond differently when God speaks.

John’s dad, Zechariah, had an angel appear to him, and his response? “How can I know you are speaking the truth?”

Mary and Joseph each had angels appear to them. Joseph just did what he was told, and Mary wanted to know how God was going to do what He promised.

Simeon and Anna waited and obeyed.

The interesting thing is that God did what he promised regardless of what people believed.

Has God spoken to you? Do you know in your heart that God has promised you something?

Be encouraged. God follows through on His promises.


  1. I definitely believe God with my whole heart, mind and spirit!

    • I like to believe in God, a power and intellect beyond our understanding, who is the Great Architect of all.

    • Well, I keep saying I do, then examining my life at night and just shaking my head about how often I try to be a god in my own life, making decisions, second-guessing, and trying to control the day’s events and attitudes. Thank you for this reminder, Kim!

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