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Should Amish go to jail for this?

CNN reports that some Amish men were jailed after they refused to put ‘caution’ signs on their buggies and refused to pay the resulting fines.

The state wants the buggies to have the caution sign because they are slow-moving traffic.  My first response was ‘oh, please!’

However, when you read the article, a few things become apparent:

The men in question were using reflective tape, they just didn’t want to use the triangle sign because it is both bright (against their beliefs), and a triangle, a symbol of the trinity.

One of the local men from the town kept one of the Amish men out of jail by paying his fine.

This kind of story makes us all uncomfortable. An atheist once told me that “religious people will cause the destruction of the world.” Yet, if it weren’t for people standing up for themselves, people of color would still be drinking out of separate drinking fountains.

Do you have any beliefs that conflict with society at large?

What do you do when your beliefs put you at odds with the people around you?

Is there any group you know that needs an advocate?


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  1. Last week I caught an interview on Q where the writer being interviewed stated, “Like it or not, evangelicals have been on the wrong side of social issues for the last 50 years.” Wow, I had to agree. But, then it hit me, in regards to the Civil Rights movement, it was born in Black Churches. Perhaps it’s just white evangelicals that seem to sit on the wrong side of social issues. In light of these ideas I thoroughly loved your question, “Is there any group you know that needs an advocate?” Maybe we as believers need to start looking for those groups a little more.

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